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Devoted to your success, I've been working with fundraisers for almost two decades...this is my passion!  I take great pleasure in helping you inspire donors with meaningful expressions of gratitude.  My experience has shown that creating custom recognition that is unique to your organization can increase your donor reach, spark meaningful engagement and encourage lifelong giving.


Creating unique donor walls and named space signage that provides very visible recognition.  Combined with custom recognition awards and mementos for events, campaigns and giving levels can complement your mission.  


Putting the personal touch to recognition for giving societies, annual funds, and campaigns, or stand-alone opportunities allows you to engage and cultivate donors as they move toward their next gifts. Ultimately building relationships over the long-term generates effective ambassadors, stewards, and peer-to-peer fundraisers. 


I believe in the power of nonprofits to bring about positive change in the world and look forward to working along with you on your next project...allowing you to put your time and energy where it matters most.



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